The Georgia Southern Railway Company (GS)

Pioneer Lines owns and  operates three segments of track in Georgia.  The Ft Valley line runs from Perry, Georgia to Roberta, Georgia. The Dover Line from Dover, Georgia to Metter, Georgia. The Midville Line runs from Midville, Georgia to Kerby, Georgia.  All three lines are Southeast of Atlanta, Georgia and located approximately 200 miles west of the Port of Savannah, a major U.S. seaport.

Georgia leads the country in production of peanuts and pecans. In addition to agriculture exports, manufacturing, mining, energy and automotive are other large economic contributors to the state. Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in GA.  Atlanta, GA has a sizable financial sector contributing to a major logistics hub.

Asphalt & Aggregates, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Grain, Lumber, Plastic Pellets, Scrap Iron & Steel

NS – Midville, Ft Valley and Dover, GA

Interchange Type:
Handling Line Carrier

286,000 lbs.

Miles Operated:

General Freight Tariff 5000 Effective 01.01.2022
GS Rate Tariff 8000_Effective 01.01.2022

Railroad Real Estate:
Railroad Real Estate

200 East Main Street
Ft. Valley, GA 31030

Business Development:
Nate Henderson

Customer Service:

Railroad Real Estate:

Wesley Lofton
Director of Safety and Operating Practices

Storage & Purchasing:
Commercial Group
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