Requesting access to Pioneer’s land and track is as easy as 1, 2, 3...!

  1. If you have questions or need guidance, just ask. Call or email the real estate department so that we can put you on the right “track” – we would love to hear from you!
  2. We have an application for whatever you need. Select and download an application from the options below. Insert all the required information (including your schematics and renderings) and obtain your certificate of insurance.
  3. Send the package in. Submit all documentation (proposed project plans and certificate of insurance) along with the required fee. Fees can be paid via ACH or lockbox, the lockbox information is on the application.  Also, email us a copy of the documents and check so we know it’s on the way .
  4. From application to agreement. Once your application is processed, you will receive a call or email from the real estate department to discuss agreement terms.  Once negotiations are finalized, we will prepare and send an agreement for execution.

Land Application

The land lease application should be utilized for parking, beautification, cell towers, signboards, new or existing structures (sheds, warehouse, etc.) or any other creative use requests on Pioneer’s property.

Track Applications

Yes, we lease track too! If you are a rail service customer and need more track to facilitate your rail operations, select the track lease application below. If you are an industry that requires the railroad to perform industry switching on industry-owned track, select the industry track agreement application below. If you are a rail storage customer, contact to handle your storage needs.

Utility Applications

We have an application to fit all utility needs. Whether it is an overhead or underground installation, select what you will be installing from the list below.

Grade Crossing Application

Needing ingress or egress over Pioneer’s rail lines? Look no further, complete and submit the application below.

Right Of Entry

If you need temporary access to Pioneer’s property, or are a contractor performing work on behalf of another entity, you are required to complete the application below.

Certificate of Insurance(COI) Requirements

Regardless of the request, you will need the same type of insurance coverage to occupy Pioneer Lines’ property.  In addition to CGL, Railroad Protective Liability (RPL) coverage is also required.  Review the requirements for insurance coverage and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Notice Of Intent To Terminate

No longer need your lease or license agreement? We are sad to see you go but have made it simple to request a termination. Complete the official termination notice below so we can begin the process.

Customer Credit Application

Existing and new customers are required to complete a credit application. Pioneer values long-term partnerships with our customers and ask that you provide evidence of creditworthiness.