Keokuk Junction Railway Company (KJRY)

Pioneer Lines operates 114 miles of track from Peoria, Illinois to Keokuk, Iowa and 12 miles of track from LaHarpe, Illinois to Lomax, Illinois. Pioneer Railcorp was assigned trackage rights from Lomax, Illinois to Ft Madison, Iowa allowing the KJRY to interchange traffic with the Union Pacific.

Manufacturing is the largest industry in Illinois accounting for 13% of the state’s GDP. Illinois is a leading manufacturing state of farm machinery, machine tools and heavy industrial construction equipment. Notable corporations that call Illinois home are; Caterpillar and Deere and Co.

Chemical manufacturing is also a strong industry producing; cleaning, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, paint and resins. Business across the state benefit from Illinois’ extensive transportation network and robust logistic industry.

Agriculture and food production, Renewable Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Services, Information and Communications Technology are other major industries in the state of Iowa.

Chemicals, Corn Syrup, Fertilizer, Grain, Minerals, Scrap Iron and Steel

BNSF– Keokuk, IA & Peoria, IL
CN –    Peoria, IL
NS –    Peoria, IL
UP –    Sommer, IL & Peoria, IL
TPW –  Peoria, IL
IAIS –  Peoria, IL
TZPR – Peoria, IL

Interchange Type:
Interline Carrier

286,000 lbs.

Miles Operated:

General Freight Tariff 5000 Effective 01.01.2022
KJRY Rate Tariff 8000 Effective 04.01.2022
KJRY Rate Tariff 8000 Effective 01.01.2022
Fuel Surcharge Tariff KJRY9003-B

Railroad Real Estate:
Railroad Real Estate

100 Mississippi Drive
Keokuk, IA 52632

Business Development:
Nathan Johns
Vice President of Business Development

Customer Service:

Railroad Real Estate:

Wesley Lofton
Director of Safety and Operating Practices

Storage & Purchasing:
Commercial Group
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